Direct Recruiting + Digital Marketing + RPO

Digital Direct Recruiting

Recruiting married marketing.
Giving birth to the best collaboration for In-house HR and Digital Marketers after HR Tech era.
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Digital Direct Recruiting

Our Digital Marketers and Direct Recruiters are tagged in a team for you dedicatedly.

HAKU has a very unique solution to improve your in-house recruitment.
HAKU tags an experienced team of Recruiters and Digital Marketers wherein Recruiters are experienced in Direct Recruiting and Head-hunting, and Digital Marketers are experienced in coding / web app development / digital-marketing. Our efforts in digital marketing and recruiting in this process are designed to benefit you not only in short term but long lasting and deeply impacting.

HAKU stands and supports your long-term success with you.

Data-driven Recruiting

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Long-lasting Results

All data owned by you

Why Direct Recruiters ?

Since 2010, thanks to LinkedIn and other head-hunting sources, all the recruiters can now access profiles of hundreds of millions of talents in the world.

This has given birth to an increased need for Direct Recruiting hitting directly on the recruitment trends. Maximizing your own market outreach and analyzing mass data, Direct Recruiting enables you to get independence from recruitment agencies and re-empower In-house HR (which is our direction too).

But we’ve also noticed that not many employers could have implemented Direct Recruiting successfully. It’s not easy to have recruiters who can do head-hunting or train in-house recruiters to become that level. Alongside, It’s even more difficult to have recruiters with Digital Marketing expertise or vice versa.

HAKU can help you do recruiting and marketing end-to-end.

Our Process

Step 1 - Plan


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Once a team tagged, we create a strategic plan of how the recruitment and marketing team will work together to deliver your expectations.
Step 2 - Deliver


Drive the team

We constantly motivate our synchronised team of go-getters to aggressively approach the defined targets. We keep our foot on the accelerator to keep running our functions in a more productive way.
Step 3 - Analyse


Track Progress and Problem Detection

We continuously track data to see every KPIs are on track. We anticipate and get ready with solutions before any problem arises.
Step 4 - Adjust


Pursue the excellence

We keep our hands on the handle to see if the flight is rightly reaching towards destination. When we meet your goal, we don’t stop. We still keep executing the cycle of Step 1 to Step 3 to pursue the ‘better than excellence’ in your recruitment.

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