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Talent Acquisition Services By In-House Recruiters
We re-define the values of recruitment by 'acquiring talents who perform consistently', so we re-invented recruitment services as per our insights and experiences.
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Re-empowering Great HRs.

We, HR professionals, are the ones who find talents, make them fans of the organization, motivate them to become your employees, care if they are happy with working there, pursue the long-term growths and success in their career, and ensure that they contribute to the long-term growth of the organization.

Who would do these all apart from HRs?

Dedicated Recruiter Assigned

In House Recruitment Experts

It’s just like if you love to drink the best beer, you should go to a brewery. Considering methodology of Talent Acquisition as making a beer, HAKU is a brewery who has deep expertise in delivering end to end Talent Acquisition.
Avoid failures in career choice

We commit on after hiring

The essence of Talent Acquisition lies only after hiring. After on-boarding, We still require our hired candidates to perform and stay with us in the long run. Do you prefer long-term to short? So do we.
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One Stop Solution

Not just sourcing of resumes, we help you plan Talent Acquisition strategies, attract & select applicants.Making them accept your company’s offer. At the same time, we also help you build impactful marketing/branding strategies.

Tech-oriented Talent Acquisition

Since 2010, the HR world has been transforming into HR Tech.But, there’s a new golden methodology after HR Tech era. HAKU brings that impactful technology technique into Talent Acquisition.

Why HAKU ?

We are the pioneer who re-defines recruitment and builds up recruitment ways after HR tech era.

LinkedIn has been aggregating all the resumes in the world into one place. Indeed has aggregated all the jobs in the world into one place. They have totally changed the game. But, Talent Acquisition hasn’t been totally hassle free.

Now, it’s time for us, HR professionals, to be re-empowered. HAKU knows how.

Lacquer Bowl Haku

HAKU Sense of Value

HAKU (はく, 箔) originally means the thin golden paper material made of gold leaf, which are traditionally used for art and crafts in Japan, such as lacquer. HAKU Pte Ltd, is named after the tiny bit material which makes something valuable more valuable. All HAKU members, as one team, dedicatedly contribute to your success in talent acquisition and management.

Story behind HAKU Logo

We have been in-house recruiters for a long time, watching carefully what has been happening in past, present and imagining the future. We study the current situation and make impactful recruitment within your system. We are not trying to be strange but making it more beautiful. This concept is deeply penetrated into every single service we have designed.

Let Us Become Your Recruitment Buddy.

Discover how HAKU can help you succeed in recruitment in the long run.

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