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We are from In-house HR. We won’t treat you as just a resume.

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We Understand Your History

Since HAKU is a group of in-house recruiters, we are all well trained as professional interviewers. Instead of expecting you to present yourself, we deepen your history to learn more about you.
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We Represent You

We bring you job opportunities only which you will love in the long path of your career. We will be the ones ensuring you have taken the right decision towards the progress of your career by sharing all the pros and cons about these jobs.
Step 3 - Choosing an Offer

Decide Best Career

We all understand that making a decision to choose which company to join is very hard. We help you make right decisions for your long-term success in your career.
Step 4 - After Joining

Enjoy Your Career Growth

Our journey doesn’t end when you join. Rather, it’s just a beginning because we behave like your HR. We’ll sit with you for long time and care if you enjoy your work. If you find any problems, we’ll be there for you.

We literally commit on your career satisfaction. Literally.

Our objective is helping all the employees in the world, love and enjoy their work. When you are hired, we won’t leave you. We will still be there to ensure that you love and enjoy your work.

It’s too easy to say and too beautiful to sound, but our business model assures that we are literally committing to your long-term satisfaction.

Stop hunting. Get hunted.

Stop hunting. Get hunted.

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Your long-term career success

Your long-term career happiness

Not just find a job,
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We help you to find the right company based on your values and interests.

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