Domestic Helper for Japanese Family


Family members:

Wife and husband in 30s. 2 daughters (7 and 3 y.o.)

Residence area:



Currently living in 1500sqf. Might move to a bigger unit next year.

Your room:

Currently provided with a common room. (if we move in a new unit with a room dedicated for maids, you'll use that maid room)

Salary range:

Starting from 650sgd/mo. Can be increased based on your performance and attitude.

Job scope

  • General housework (Cooking, cleaning, washing, childcare like putting kids to sleep, etc)
  • Study support for 3-year-old daughter, reading books for kids
  • Send/pick-up 7-year-old daughter to pick-up point for school buses
  • Send/pick-up 3-year-old daughter to pre-schools
  • Send/pick-up for other occasions
  • Miscellaneous work
  • Treating guests
  • Work hours: 6am – 9pm (Can be earlier/later depending on situations)
  • Break time: Meal break and short breaks (Not at fixed time)
  • Curfew on day off: 10:30pm

Sample schedule

  • Sample schedule 6am: Wake up. Prepare for eldest daughter’s breakfast
  • 6:40am: Send her to nearby school bus pick-up point
  • 7:15am: Prepare for others’ breakfast
  • 11:30am: Prepare lunch for the second daughter
  • 12:30pm: Send the second daughter to Pre-school
  • 1:30pm Pick up the eldest daughter
  • 2:30pm Pick up the second daugher
  • 6pm Dinner
  • 8pm Finish of work

*This is just an example of weekday’s schedule
*Basically you are required to remain on duty between these scheduled work items
*You can take meal breaks and short breaks accordingly, but you need to avoid such scheduled tasks listed above.