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Top 5 HR Management Tools for Businesses

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Top 5 HR Management Tools for Businesses

Human Resource Management is used by Every organization to manage people. There are 3 main keys that make-up the Human Resource Management which includes staffing, employee compensation and benefits and Work design. This is the core of the human resource because it includes hiring, training, compensation, payroll and many other things.

Businesses are highly dependent on Human Resource Management to get successful in the competitive corporate world. Human Resource Management is a very important responsibility for every company.

Let’s discuss some major HR Management tools that Every company should use:


Zoho People is a is a cloud-based full suite HR software for small and medium enterprises. It’s reliable, simple, easy to operate and manage with features like track leaves, creating custom forms, managing the performance-based Appraisal etc. Zoho People is suitable for companies that want customized and easy to implement HR solution.

2. iCIMS

An Employee Onboarding Software with many dynamic features. A career portal which can be customized according to the requirements and allows the candidates to search for their job/career opportunities. iCIMS allows companies to hire good candidates and to improve their hiring process by identifying & interacting with the right candidates. Also includes social media scattering, search engine optimization for careers etc. iCIMS software is used by almost 3,200 organizations worldwide. iCIMS is also a very competitive tool in the market.


A Good tool for online cloud-based workflow automation that focusses on to create and modify the workflow and HR processes according to the requirements. It’s a pre-equipped Software which can be customized accordingly. It can handle all your approval workflows for leave requests, performance appraisals, employee onboarding, timesheet approvals etc.

4. ADP

An all in one software providing talent, time, payroll & tax benefits and also a global provider of Human Capital Management solutions. ADP is used by 6.50,000 clients worldwide. ADP is an HR Tool that can be implemented by all types of businesses.


Breezy HR is another management software that can be used for every type of business whether it is small, medium or large. Breezy HR gives you an integration facility and also having no backup issues because it takes care of the data too. Breezy HR can be used by every type of company, it’s not only limited to Recruitment. A good tool to find quality candidates.

CONCLUSION: Human Resource Management tools are very useful for every type of business. It reduces the humanitarian efforts and automates the process of organizing and managing the company human resources. With the help of these tools organization’s HR Management can be done more accurately and Hassle-free.

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