Why companies should outsource their recruitment process ?

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How outsourcing your recruitment funnel to India helps you reduce costs and increased value:-

As per a research conducted by Hays, only 40 – 45 million people upload their information on job boards or social media websites along with major players like LinkedIn. Also, counting the number of resumes which are uploaded out of these 40 – 45 million, is not even half.

This indicates, there are still 440 million (approx.) resumes which are inaccessible via digital market and are not accessed by any other job boards too. The players who hold such data, are the leading experts in the recruitment market.

The Biggest Advantages – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

If a company chooses an RPO provider that is the correct fit for them, one that understands their culture, values and hiring goals, then the benefits both long and short term, can be enormous. The main benefits associated with RPO are:

1. Low-cost High Value Oriented :- RPO plays a major role in reducing cost in the long run. RPO providers highly flexible in scalability in their recruitment process and requirements to counter the fluctuating hiring needs. The soon the positions get filled, the better it is for the companies, as it involves less resources and less efforts as the stage of the vacancy grows old. RPO Players, already have a fair idea of when and where to hit as they are already experienced in this forte of service and situation.
2. The right recruiting which includes the talents, not only employable for urgent needs but also for coming opportunities or future roles too.
3. Localization and scalability ensure the RPO player which is sitting in most of the markets or geographically located in most of your target regions, can ensure good quality and quantity of talents along with better chances of scalability for your business in that region.
4. No placement fee with less time endurance Internal RPO resource models fight for scaling to overcome the challenge of tight time schedules to hire within deadlines. Most of the leading RPO providers will have established time to hire models.
5. Hassle-free solutions which include decreased need for employment within the organisation, No infrastructure involved or reduces any kind of operational or admin costs.
6. Analytics and ReportingRPO providers being the experts, can easily track and trace every stage of the recruitment funnel enabling real-time reporting and deep insights for prompt decision-making strategy.
7. Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement RPO enhances hiring manager and senior leadership engagement through fulfilling requirements and demands. The hiring managers can now fulfill the requirements of their senior management and bring in a new and relaxed situation in the organisation.
8. Increased savings due to lower sourcing costs (reduction in cost per hire)

Why Outsource RPO Solutions to HAKU?

Nowadays, the recruiters have become all time busy due to finding the right candidate, this has come up as a burden, however, has also reduced the high value, due to client demands around turnaround time. RPO enables you to divide time between effectiveness and efficiency and of course your core business area. Now, your internal team of HR;s can focus on majorly important tasks which you expect and accordingly manage the workforce in a much better way out. HAKU is a global RPO firm with well-demonstrated track record of delivering high-value, low-cost outsourcing process solutions across a full spectrum of businesses in Singapore and Japan.

1. Our unique clientele and proven examples across APAC region brings efficiency and proven abilities to create a success story for your company.
2. We tag a team of highly qualified sourcing stars who understand your core business area along with abilities to find which talent would be most effective for your business.
3. 4+ years of valuable experience across many multiple major industry sectors which include health and Hospitality, Information Technology (major focus area), Finance, Insurance, Logistics and Engineering & Construction.
4. Tailored sourcing strategy to focus on your requirements and talent needs for your business.
5. Heavy reduction in talent cycle costs bringing in our specialized plug-n-play services with highly streamlined operations and delivery.
6. Focused on delivering results by combining our extensive network, tools, and methodologies into delivering satisfaction to our clientele.

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